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Data-Driven Sustainable Farming

With LoRaWAN® technology, whose long-range, low-power wireless sensors can send data from the farm to the Cloud, via private or public networks, farmers have easy access to a host of information for improving their businesses, with a distinct advantage over satellites and drones. Such high value data can be transmitted over distances of up to 15 km from sensors with batteries lasting up to 10 years, resulting in lower maintenance and operating costs along with greater operational visibility, which in turn empower farmers to scale their businesses. 

For example, recurrent tasks on the field can be replaced by automatized modes of monitoring and maintenance. The benefits are two-fold: farmers are able to detect irrigation necessities based on weather recording and forecast,  plant estimated needs , soil moisture, etc. while detecting defaults in the irrigation system. This avoids time consuming checking of the systems on the field, it optimizes efficiency of irrigation and avoids potential loss of crops.

Individual monitoring of high value animals (cattle, horses…) or environmental monitoring of mass production animals (poultry, swine…) improves reproduction, grow factors and animal welfare while reducing the use of medication thanks to early detection of disease. This results  in better milk quality and decreased environmental pollution.

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