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Smart Industry Benefits

Already in use in a number of other sectors around the globe, LoRaWAN applications are the perfect choice for providing innovative solutions, increasing efficiency, reliability, safety and security, and so much more within industrial processes and products. Once the flexible, scalable and multipurpose IoT network infrastructure is established, businesses are well on their way to creating smart facilities and factories. 

A network of sensors providing workers with real-time data via the Cloud is a powerful tool that can affect all aspects of the manufacturing process. Here are a few benefits of LoRaWAN technology solutions being implemented in factories:

•Detection of smoke, leaks, fires and general air quality and temperature control.

•Monitoring the presence and flow of liquids in pipes and tanks.

•Monitoring conditions of equipment, machines and facility infrastructure.

•Monitoring the safety and security of personnel and assets.

•Monitoring of battery power levels machine energy consumption.

•Applications around the globe

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