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LoRaWAN® for enhanced mobility in logistics

 The low-power, long-range capabilities of LoRaWAN technology make all this possible. No other solutions provide the dynamic, real-time visibility and transportation management capabilities over wide distances by land, sea and air. LoRa-powered tracking devices and sensors can be mounted on containers, vehicles and within returnable assets, continuously sending data on conditions and location for months or even years without changing batteries.  

In addition, LoRaWAN has six times more battery life than NB-IoT for static assets and supports mobility and private networks without blocking or interfering with the more expensive LTE spectrum. LoRaWAN is the most cost effective solution for both indoor and outdoor coverage and geolocation for battery-powered devices, providing, for example, automated inventory across multiple sites, countries, company divisions and so forth. All this is done without any manual intervention. 

Both automotive and aviation manufacturers have rapidly deployed private networks on site and without the need of coverage during transport. These private networks can be managed by operators or system integrators. 

When it comes to returnable asset tracking, these manufacturers have embraced LoRaWAN. They can better ensure that assets such as metal racks used to carry vehicle parts between supplier factories, warehouses and assembly signs are returned to their original locations for reuse. This continuous cycle represents significant cost-savings.

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